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Up Coming Events

The High Kings
30th September 2023
 Singular Artists


14th October 2023


Macy Grey
27th October 2023
 Teg -MJR


Noah Kahan
15th November 2023
MCD Productions


Nirvana Unplugged
18th November 2023


6th November 2023
 Singular Artists


Gregory Alan Isakov
22nd November 2023
 MCD Productions


sleaford mods
25th November 2023
 MCD Productions

Sammy, Buffy and the Beanstalk
December 12th -January 7th
 Panto .ie

Past Events 

Brazil Day Dublin 2nd & 3rd September 2023
Fiest  6th September 2023
ORBITAL  17th March 2023
Dan McCabe 10th March 2023
  "ScrapperMania 7" 18th March
 W.A.S.P Nation 25th March, 2023
Gojira 11th February, 2023
BalladFest 4 4th February ,2023
The Editors 30th Jan2023

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